• Remote Monitoring: Global access and control of water mangement system.
  • Reduces waste:auto turn ON/OFF of motor based on preset water level.
  • Dry run protection:Automatically turns OFF motor if water supply is not available.
  • Scheduled Operations:Scheduling through mobile as well as through keypad.
  • Real time monitoring of water level over dislay and mobile application.
  • Get accurate level of water in 100 steps
  • Customized water management solution for multiple water tanks
  • Incoperates digital clocks
  • Have a great sleep imagine how irritating is to wake up in the early morning to fill-up the water tank and wait to turn off the motor.
Technical specifications Description
Operational Range 220V, AC
Power consumption 0.3W Idle, 1.5W Max
WiFi 2.4Ghz,IEEE standards:802.11b/g/n
Enclosure Sheet Metal
Touch Panel Yes
Display Yes
Keypad Yes
Operation Touch,Voice command,
Mobile App & Web App
Warranty 18months + AMC