We have invented Wi-Fi enabled Stepper motor driven Dual-Axis (Dual-Axis) Curtain which is being operated by means of Capacitive Glass Touch and mobile application (Android and IOS). Horizontal axis will act as sliding-Curtain. Sliding-Curtain can be operated in pattern of open-closed as well as stepwise with high precision. Vertical axis will be used to wrap unwrap the curtain through wrapper motor. This wrapping and Unwrapping phenomena will follow parabolic trajectory (Y = X^2). By this way one can arrange his/her curtain in a new pattern. Combination of vertical and horizontal axis will provide pleasant look to a Smart home. Both axis will be controlled through app as well as through capacitive glass touch. Entire system is noise free. In case of failure of electricity, battery backup functionality is also added to this system. Curtain can be manually operated by means of Capacitive Glass Touch as well. If this curtain is used for partitioning of living area, it will automatically open-close itself in presence of human.

This system is being operated from anywhere in the world. Internet facility is required at the both end. System works smoothly in case of slow internet speed too.

For example, if someone wants that his/her curtain should be automatically close at 6:00 PM and automatically open at 6:00 AM, our system is capable of doing this.