Pinglaksh Anveshnam Pvt. Ltd., is an Indian Tech Company based in Gurugram that focuses on providing automation products and solutions in different segments like Residential, Hotels, Smart Cities, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural fields and many more to make our living secure, smart and convenient. Pinglaksh was established by Mr. Latit Vashist and Mr. Nirmal Kumar Sharma on 8th May 2018. The company initially started as a technology inventor for home automation but later expanded to industrial, agricultural and water management system automated products and solutions. With continuous in-house R&D, Pinglaksh has evolved with the state of the art products/ solutions to incorporate the modern era of technological advancement. Our technology development team constantly focuses on creating a one-stop solution for our customers catering all spheres of automation. We have patented smart curtains and rollers. We are in the process of filing 15 more patents spread across industries and verticals. Our Entire R&D and Production are Indigenous. Pinglaksh Anvesham is completely a “Make In India” believer company.

We have grown up hearing how Chinese and other countries have influenced our quality of life and so we have come up with an ideology of joining hands with Indian players to deliver a robust, efficient and trustable brand. And we wish to prove India once again internationally.

Our goal is to introduce and make mainstream new innovations that reshape industries to break away from their existing limitations and make-way for the future.



At Pinglaksh Anveshnam Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to providing universal ultra-luxurious automation products and solutions for all walks of life that know no limits of customization at the most competitive price.



To be the global leader in the automation segment.We are passionate in helping automation technologies to reach and maximize people dreams.

  One-stop-shop for automation products and solutions.

  World’s best automation solutions and products at the most competitive price.

  Can be installed in existing electrical infrastructure as well.

  All our products have undergone 2 yrs of extensive testing under hostile environment.

  Your Safety and Security is paramount for us.

  Hassle-free customer support.

  ISO (International Accreditation Forum) certified Company.

  All products are made in India.

  Entire R&D and Production is Indigenous.