Office Customization

Office automation is connecting all the functional elements in your workplace (lights, fans, AC, projector screens, etc.,) to a network and putting them to work for you. For instance, you can automatically turn down the passage lights when no one’s around, or even configure complex scenarios for different events like meetings, presentations, birthday celebrations, client visit, etc. The best part? Our retrofit, wireless automation infrastructure require no internal wiring or demolition, and can be easily setup in an existing office, with minimum hassle.

Our Products for Office Automation

"Co-working space automation"

We provide complete co-working space management software. This software includes Payment process, Check-in/check-out, Parking Management software, Employee management system, QR code enabled Entry-Exit process, Query handling software and Access control system.

"Smart Lighting using lux sensor"

Our smart lighting solutions are instant mood setters. Setting mood and changing colour is now as easy as pressing a button on your smartphone. These smart lighting solutions also allow you to create personalized schedules, which means you can have them turned on by evening and turned off automatically when you’re leaving from office. They can even be automated so devices can be triggered remotely from anywhere. Our LUX sensors senses the intensity of light present in the room and automatically turn ON/OFF the light.Our dimmable lights auto adjusts its intensity according to the input of lux sensor.

"Security System"

Protect your Office from intruders with our intelligent security solutions. Once configured, door/window and motion sensors notify you when someone tries to break in office complex, when you’re away. We are integratin motion sensor so that siren can be turn ON if it detect any motion. By this we can avoid security breach or unwanted person to enter in the premises. As an expansion to the range, intelligent locks that provide an additional level of security.

"Roller Blinds"

You can operate our curtain from anywhere in the world. Therefore Internet should be available both at your home and your mobile phone. Nymph Curtain works smoothly in case of slow internet speed too. If signal strength of WiFi is completely down. One can operate our curtain locally (within 50-60 meters of system by means of mobile application and smart Glass Touch as well).It means, In case of any emergency, If Internet facility is not available for a particular area, one can operate our system can be locally and by means of touch as well. GLOBAL mode operation, LOCAL mode operation and Smart Glass Touch Switch based operation all are synced. That means if you operate curtain through any one of the mode, Acknowledgement of operation will reflect in mobile application.

"Intelligent Sensors"

Our intelligent sensors automatically turn off your air-conditioner, lights and fans when you’re not in office. If that’s not enough, we also give you insights into how much energy you’re consuming and how you can save by creating personalized schedules.You can now control everything in your home through your smartphone or by just using your voice. We also support additional gestures like motion sensing (move your hand in the air).You can also intelligently save energy by automatically turning off AC/cooling system if a window/door is left open for too long.


This system provides realtime Air Quality Index, CO2 level, Temerature and Humidity level of a particular Area over the Display. One can monitor all these data over the mobile application and web alication from the remotest corner of the world.