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Smart wifi Curtain, Motorized Curtain, Automated curtain, Smart curtain, Nymph curtain!

Nymph Smart Wifi curtain or automated curtain

You can operate our Motorized WiFi Curtain or Automated curtain: Nymph smart curtain by means of Smart Glass-Touch and Mobile Application.

Operation of Nymph: Motorized Curtain – is linearly with high precision.

Because of glass-touch, Nymph Motorized Curtain or Automated curtain is electrical shock free. On the other hand, you cant’t operate electrical switch based curtain with wet hand.

Entire system is noise free. Because of this, operation of Motorized curtain is gentle and smooth.

If curtain is in auto mode it will automatically open-close itself in presence of human.

You can operate our curtain from anywhere in the world. Therefore Internet should be available both at your home and your mobile phone. Nymph Curtain works smoothly in case of slow internet speed too. If signal strength of WiFi is completely down. One can operate our curtain locally (within 50-60 meters of system by means of mobile application and smart Glass Touch as well).It means, In case of any emergency, If Internet facility is not available for a particular area, one can operate our system can be locally and by means of touch as well. GLOBAL mode operation, LOCAL mode operation and Smart Glass Touch Switch based operation all are synced. “Read about Smart Glass Touch Switch ” That means if you operate curtain through any one of the mode, Acknowledgement of operation will reflect in mobile application.

Installation process is hassle free.

Different Types of smart Curtain:

  1. 1. Side opening:
  2. 2. Central opening:
  3. 3. Roller Blinds:

Moreover controlling the curtain, one can schedule it’s position too.

For example, if you want to feel first ray of rising sun, You can schedule curtain. Curtain will automatically close at 6:00PM and automatically open at 6:00AM.

Why Nypmh Curtain ?

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