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Our Smart Mood lamp can produce all possible 16 million color and can be operated through Mobile App. You can easily set color of mood lamp as per your mood. You can also control intensity of same color by App. Mood Lamp can be controlled through app From anywhere in the world as well locally (In the range of Home network). There are several modes in our Mood Lamp. They are following:

Party Mode: One can convert our Smart mood lamp into party by a single click. In this mode the color of mood lamp will automatically change in every seconds. This mode will provide the cove of your party hall a pleasant look due to it’s quick color changing capacity.

Auto Mode: Suppose you don’t want to change the color of Mood Lamp via App again and again. In that case, you just have to enable auto mode of Mood Lamp through App. Because of enabling auto mode, the Color of mood lamp will change automatically in every 4 seconds.

Custom color selection Mode: Instead of selecting the color from color picker you can easily select your favourite color from the cart of our custom color. Hence you can save your valuable time.

ON and OFF: you can easily turn on and off our Smart Mood Lamp by a single click on Mobile App. Hence no need to operate through SWITCH.


You can schedule the color of our Mood Lamp too. You can schedule your favourite color at a particular time. For example, if your loved one’s favourite color is Pink. You can Schedule this color on his/her birthday. This will be a pleasant surprise for your dear one.

Different varieties of Mood Lamp

  • Strip: For your coves.
  • Ceiling Light.
  • Spot Light.
  • Profile Light.

You can use our smart mood lamp in Coves of your home, Bars and Restaurants, Reception Counter of your shops, Showrooms, Conference Rooms and in theaters.