Automate Hotel For better Experiance

As the luxury segment gets more competitive, every hotel chain is looking to delight their customers with experiences that they have never had before. While beautiful interiors and exquisite art pieces add a royal touch, functional experiences provide a talking point to customers. Every luxury hotel has a swanky entrance and posh interiors. Every luxury hotel provides an extensive set of amenities, right from swimming pools to refreshing spas. So how can you add that extra star to your hotel? How can you create memorable experiences that guest want to talk about to their friends/family? Automation uses the power of technology to create delightful experiences for your guests, making your hotel stand out from the crowd.

Hotel automation is connecting all the functional equipments, like, lighting, multimedia, security, curtains etc. to a network and accessing it from your smartphone, tablet or computer device. Our retrofit automation concepts fit easily behind your existing electrical sockets, and require no internal wiring. From controlling lights in the comfort of your bed to automating the curtains at sunset, we help hotels deliver futuristic customer experiences. An owner can access and control his multiple Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts and Bars through a single admin page. Our system will also let the owner know about exact no of occupied rooms. and we offer lifetime customer support to make sure you have a hassle-free automation experience.

How We Can Provide You A Good Hotel Automation.

"Smart Lighting"

Our smart lighting solutions are instant mood setters. Setting mood and changing colour is now as easy as pressing a button on your smartphone. These smart lighting solutions also allow you to create personalized schedules, which means you can have them turned on by evening and turned off automatically when you’re leaving from office. They can even be automated so devices can be triggered remotely from anywhere in the world.

"Security System"

Protect your home from intruders with our intelligent security solutions. Once configured, door/window and motion sensors notify you when someone tries to break in your home, when you’re away. As an expansion to the range, we also have wireless doorbells and intelligent locks that provide an additional level of security.

"Operate with voice"

You no longer have to reach out to switchboards or operate a dozen remotes to get things done. By automation , voice controlling device can interact with various devices and perform a number of pre-set functions , create lists, and many more. Users say a designated "wake word" to alert an controlling device of an ensuing function command. That device listens for the command and performs the appropriate function, or skill, to answer a question or command.

"Control Multiple devices at your fingertips"

Our intelligent sensors automatically turn off your air-conditioner, lights and fans when you’re not in office. If that’s not enough, we also give you insights into how much energy you’re consuming and how you can save by creating personalized schedules.You can now control everything in your home through your smartphone or by just using your voice. We also support additional gestures like motion sensing (move your hand in the air).You can also intelligently save energy by automatically turning off AC/cooling system if a window/door is left open for too long.