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Why home automaion is required ?

Home automaion provides you global access and conrol of all the available appliances in your home. This means you can alway stay connected to your home when you are not there. Suppose you and your spouse are working, You can take care your child and parent from your offices.

Home automation is luxuary or need?

Now we are living in a fast paced world. After spending 9 rigorous hrs in office,we want TV on in a second.Curtain should open/close without any manual effort. AC should adjust it's temperature without touching temperature.Bulbs and Fans should turn on/off without leaving the bed, Security system in place without having to think about it and everything at our finger tips. Home automation enables you all these facilities.It allows seamless integration with all systems, So that everything is within hands reach. The benefits of home automation save us time and energy and that may be used in other productive work. Home automation provides you a secure comfortable life.

How does Pinglaksh automates Homes/Hotels/Hospitals/Schools ?

Pinglaksh is one stop shop for any types of automation. We provide wide range of produts at the best price in the market. We have a very smooth installation process. It involves : 1. Knowing your need. 2. Commissioning of site. 3. Cost estimation. 4. Installation of our devices. 5. Testing. 6. Handing over the control of your Homes/Hotels/Hospitals/Schools.

How many products do you have?

Here is the list of our major products: 1) Smart touch Switches. 2) Intensity controlled Lights 3) Linearly Speed controlled Fans 4) Smart Curtain 5) Dual-Axis Curtain 6) Smart Audio Player 7) Smart Video Player 8) Smart door closer and lock 9) Motion sensor enabled Light 10) Anti-Theft System 11) Smart Gas Regulator 12) Smart Garden 13) Smart Aquarium 14) Water Management System 15) LUX Sensed Bulb 16) Sensor Hub

How many years of guarantee/warranty do the products of Pinglaksh carry ?

We provide one year of ON SITE GUARANTEE on our products. For Glass touch parts: ON SITE GUARANTEE is of 3 yrs. After guarantee period, we also provide Annaul Maintenance contract (AMC) facility to our customer for the hassle free enjoyment of Automation Products.

Pinglaksh is manufacturing all the products or purchasing from other companies?

We are truly make in India brand. Our all products are manufactured by ourselves. From hardware and software to Packaging, We have In-house team. Our all products has undergone through 1.5 yrs of Intensive testing. For Pinglaksh - Quality of product is first priority. Our all products are ISO certified.

How home automation will help elderly people and child?

After your home will get automated, Every thing of your home is at the tip of your finger. So you can always connected to your parents and child when your are away. Due to single tap control of all the appliances of home, it will be very easy to access and control any activity for elderly people.

Why touch switches are better than traditional electrical switches?

Advantages of capacitive Glass touch in comparison to traditional electrical switches are following: 1. You won't feel any types of electrical shocks in capacitive glass touch while there is very high chance to feel electrical shock in traditional electrical switches. 2.Durability of capacitive glass touch is much higher than electrical/Mechanical switches. 3. Capacitive Glass touch: A design that look beautiful. Customized design is possible in Touch switches. You can select any color that will suit your wall.

What is Dimmer ?

Dimmer is a device which is used to varying the brightness of electrical light or Speed of Fan. Pinglaksh is providing Linear dimmer which enables you to control the Intensity of Light up to 4096 levels. You can operate our dimmer from mobile Application as well as from capacitive glass touch.

How Scheduler is beneficial ?

Through our scheduler functionality, You don't need to remember when to turn on/off your lights, When to turn on/off your motors, when to irrigate your garden, when to open/close your curtain. You just need to schedule these things and our devices will automatically perform the action on scheduled time.

What is multi-scheduler Scheduler Functionality?

If you want to schedule more than one devices at a time, you need to do this via multi-scheduler functionality. Our all devices support multi-scheduler functionality.

How can I check list of Scheduled Devices?

You can easily check this through our mobile application.

How can I operate your system if Internet is not available?

If Internet is not available at your home, Our devices are capable to operate in Local Mode as well as through capacitive glass touch.

Is high speed internet is required to operate the automation system of Pinglaksh?

Speed is not a barrier to operate our automation system smoothly. Only availability of internet is required.

What is LUX Sense LED ?

Lux sense LED is one of our Elite Product. This is fully automatic system. If you want a particular LUX level in your room/Corporate offices our system is capable of doing that by automatic controlling the brightness of LED. By this way you can save a huge amount of Energy. You are the one who will decide the LUX level through app and our system will maintain that LUX level. You can save Up to 50% of energy by using Lux Sense LED.

How your System will Reduce energy consumption?

All the major energy consuming devices are at your fingertip. So you can control According to your use. Our fully Automated bulb "Lux Sense LED" is capable of saving up to 50% of energy. We have power factor controller relay which will do correction in the power factor to 0.99 and hence reduce energy consumption.

What is meaning of Linear operation of Dimmer, Fan and Curtain ?

There are two types of operation of Dimmer : 1. Step-Wise : Step-wise operation of Dimmer means You can control the speed of fan up to 4/5 levels like you already do prom the fan regulator. 2. Linear operation : Linear operation of Devices means you can control the speed of fan in percentage wise (From 0 to 100 %) . By this way you can save huge amount of energy. We are using this Technology to control Lights, Fans and Curtains.

What are the features of Your Smart Curtain ?

Our Smart Curtain - Nymph is linearly controlled curtain which can be controlled through mobile app as well as through glass-touch. you can schedule the opening and closing of curtain.

What is advantage of sub-user functionality?

A user of Pinglaksh can create sub-user. Purpose of sub-user is to provide controlled access of your house to your child and guest. they can only access the allowed appliances of your house.

How many sub-users can I create ?

There is no limit. You can create as many sub-user as per your need.

How many people can use same user ID ?

There is no limit. This depends on number of your family member.

How much Secure is to automation process ?

This is as secure as you use net banking process. All level of data transfer process is encrypted

What is local mode ? What are it's advantages ?

In case of failure of Internet, You don't need to be worry. You can operate all of your appliances through Local Mode. The only condition is you should be on the same network on which devices are. We have provided a dedicated tab in the mobile app through which you can switch global mode to local mode easily.