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Smart linear dimmer is one of our elite product which can be dimmed through mobile app as well as gentle-finger touch of glass panel. Our Smart Dimmer also supports switching action. That means you can control the intensity of light and speed of fan as well as you can completely turn ON and OFF them. Glass Touch based manual operation and App based operation are synce with each other. This means If someone is operating our dimmer through touch this action will reflect in App too. You can controll Dimmer through app From anywhere in the world as well locally (In the range of Home network). If Internet is not available, you can control our Smart Dimmers by means of glass-touch easily. You can schedule the intensity of our Smart liner Dimmer. If someone wants that speed of his/her fan should be at full speed in the night till 2:00 AM and after that speed of fan should be at 40%. So using our scheduler facility one can do this.

USP’s of our Smart Dimmer

  • Dimming action of our dimmer is linear. There are 100 dimming levels in our system. Most of the dimmers available in the industry are step-wise. That means you can only control the brightness of lights and speed of fans in 4-5 steps only.
  • By means of dimmer, one can save energy too. For example, if someone has to turn light of his main door on in the night, he/she can operate that light at a particular intensity.
  • Control the Brightness of light and speed of Fan through Glass touch too. This functionality is not possible in Retro-Fit systems.
  • Availability of good internet connection is no more barrier. You can control the dimmer in Local Mode through the mobile application as well as through Touch.
  • Reliability. Our all the products pass the Intensive quality test.
  • All dimmable lights are flicker free and fans are humming free even at lower dimming level because of our state of art technology.

Dimable Light & Fan by Pinglaksh