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Why to Choose Us?

Real Wireless System

  • Pinglaksh provides cable-free automation products and solutions.
  • Installation of our product does not require any additional wiring in your premises.
  • This reduces installation time and makes our ecosystem easily scalable.
  • All products are designed a per the existing electrical standards.

No Internet, Don't worry!

  • Internet is not a barrier to the operation of our products.
  • Our state of art Technology enables you to feel the seamless automation in the absence of the internet too.
  • You can operate all of your appliances locally through a smartphone.
  • Operation of our devices through touch does not require internet at all.

Say No To HUB

  • You don't have to purchase an additional hub along with automation product.
  • So you have to pay for the product only.
  • Due to the Hub-Free system, Your all appliances are not dependent on a single Hub.
  • Our all products communicate independently.

customized Products and Solutions

  • Our easily scalable ecosystem allows us to provide you the products and solutions as per your requirement.
  • We can design a system according to our customer's specification.

No need to carry an additional Mobile Application

  • Our aim is to provide you a hassle-free experience of automation.
  • Practically it is not possible to carry a mobile application , So we developed a Web-Application.
  • Our customer can operate all of their appliances through a Web-Link
  • In the control room of high rise apartments, it is not possible to operate a large amount of devices through Smartphone. one can access his devices over the large screen.

One stop shop for Automation

  • We have not limited ourselves to Home Automation only.
  • We provide automation products and solutions for Homes, Hotels, Industries, Sea ports, Malls and Agriculture segment Our products will serve you in all walks of your life.

Make in India Brand

  • We are a true Make in India brand.
  • We are not integrating any third party devices.
  • Our all products has Designed, manufactured, Assembled, Tested and packaged in India. This allows us to provide excellent customer support and After-sale service to our customers.


Innovative cost-effective hardware with patented circuit designs.

The smart switch is beautifully designed Pinglaksh anveshnam, touch switch that ensures comfort and convenience.Elegant panels with modern touch screen switches bring an aesthetic appeal for the revolutionary lifestyle.

We have invented Wi-Fi enabled Stepper motor driven Mood-Light Integrated Curtain which is being operated by means of Capacitive Glass Touch and mobile application.

This is GSM based Technology. You can Guard your Offices, Shops and home using our Antitheft System.This system has three sensors. Our sensor will get activated, if someone is trying to break the shutter of your shop.

Our Smart Mood lamp can produce all possible color and can be operated through Mobile App. You can easily set color of mood lamp according to your mood.

Smart linear dimmer is one of our elite product which can be dimmed through mobile app as well as gentle-finger touch of glass panel. Switch is integrated with this dimmer.That means you can control the intensity of light and speed of fan as well as you can completely turn ON and OFF them.

We have developed smart aquarium. You can feed your fishes in scheduled manner. This feeding action can be controlled locally as well globally by means Mobile Application.You can also monitor pH level (water quality), real time temperature and light up your aquarium ambience.

We have invented Smart irrigation system for your garden. Our sprinklers will turn on and off by single tap of Mobile app. You can schedule these sprinkler too.Smart Sprinkler can be controlled through app from anywhere in the world as well locally (In the range of Home network).

We have developed Smart and Secure Gas regulator which can be plugged in to your Normal Gas cylinder.There is Gas leak detection Functionality. As soon as Gas will leak Regulator will automatically turned off.

Imagine how irritating it is to wake up in the morning to turn ON the motor to fill the overhead tank and wait to turn off the motor after filling the tank. Our aim is to make your life more convenient.


Smart touch switch which can be controlled through gentle finger touch